Abhra – Sanskrit word for the atmosphere, the emptiness... - is formed by six improvisers (from France, Italy, Irelande, England), who try to mix their cultures of origine and their common interest for sound textures, around texts by Henry David Thoreau - philosopher, poet, scholar from the US born in 1817. Thoreau puts nature at the center of his thought, from what he extracts a moral: praise to independence, to simplicity, to hedonistic ascetism... To be and settle in the world, it's enough to breath, to taste, to touch, to look, to listen to the silence, to feel, to contemplate, to observe...

The work on these texts is the heart of Abhra's music, that plunges one into something delicate, intimist, in which the role of the voice, the timbre, the resonant or the renewal of the forms of the song are the main concern.

Order and co-production Centre International des Musiques Nomades / Festival Détours de Babel – Grenoble (France) – under the call for projects "Les Chantiers" 2014

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